Constipation is a common problem in pregnancy and among kids

As with you as an adult, there can be many causes of constipation in children. Do any of the following effect your child?


Diet can impact on children, just like it does with adults. Older children need to get plenty of fibre to ensure they go to the toilet frequently.

Toilet training

If a child feels stressed about going to the toilet it can often cause constipation. Let them try on their own when possible, as hovering around while they go to the toilet can make them anxious.

Toilet habits

Some children can develop phobias about using the toilet, especially at school. If a child ignores the urge to go to the toilet it can make it painful for them when they do need to go, which makes them hold on even more. Try to keep an eye out for signs, like being desperate for the toilet when they get home.

If you are worried that your child is suffering from constipation please talk to your health visitor or GP who will be able to offer advice on the best course of treatment.

Additional Info taken from NHS Choices

Pregnancy and constipation

Constipation is a common condition with a whole range of possible causes

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Pregnancy and kids

Constipation is a common problem in pregnancy and among kids

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