There are loads of ways to talk about that private time in the loo, and it seems we’re happy to joke about our toilet triumphs - check out our best bits in these short films.

Warning: These videos occasionally contain explicit language that some may find offensive.

4 out of 5 men...

...find toilet humour funny. Almost half have joked about their habits with mates.

But the joke stops when it comes to serious conversation. Most men (nearly 60%) say they would never discuss concerns about their bowel health with friends.

In #StandUpSitDown, four of the UK’s brightest comedians tackle the poo taboo with their best toilet-targeted gags.

Warning: This video occasionally contains explicit language that some may find offensive.

Rapid fire comedian, Tony Cowards, who supplies the opening gag for the film, says;
“Toilet humour is a rich topic for comedians because it’s something everyone in the audience can relate to but which they’re also a bit embarrassed by. The jokes that get the biggest laughs are always the ones about needing to go or dealing with the poo once you’ve launched it. We rarely cover the other side of things and maybe that’s an untapped source of material we could make more of!”

“It’s easy for us to laugh about bodily functions and men often get into a bit of one-upmanship about their achievements in the cubicle. Making your friends laugh makes you feel powerful and boosts your status in your group of friends.”

“But talking about being backed up or concerns that your bowels aren’t behaving as they should is still a no go area for a lot of guys. It’s vital that men look after their health and are comfortable discussing constipation and other bowel issues. Humour can be a great way of starting that conversation.”

Chartered psychologist, Professor Alex Gardner.

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