Share your suffer


You are not alone in having digestion problems

It’s surprising how many people share the same issues once the ice is broken. When other sufferers talk about their digestive problems in an open, matter-of-fact way this can be such a great relief. Whatever your story is, always keep in mind that you’re anything but alone – as can be seen in these examples from real-life sufferers.

I think if you are suffering from constipation, there isn't always a logical explanation for it. I mean I eat a really healthy diet, I drink plenty of fluids, I exercise every day and I still get constipated regularly. Some people must just be more prone to getting constipated than others regardless of their diet and lifestyle. It frustrates me because it makes me reconsider what I wear. It sounds crazy but if you go to the toilet it makes you feel better, so you think you look better. So I hate it when I'm feeling bloated as it stops me from wearing fitted clothes. I find it helps talking to my friends about it sometimes. It's actually quite surprising how many other women do suffer from constipation once you start talking about it.
One of the hardest things about living with IBS is the symptoms change all the time and are very hard to predict. This can make getting on with your everyday life difficult. My symptoms can vary from abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhoea and constipation. From talking to my friends, it's quite surprising how many women have the same issues once you break the ice and start talking about it. I find my constipation is worse when I'm stressed or anxious about something, so it's nice to have people to talk to and share your problems with
I find it easy to talk to my friends about constipation because let's be honest, we all suffer from it from time to time. I think it's good to share information with friends because you can trust them. Whereas you can't always trust everything you read on the internet. I used to suffer from constipation badly before I changed my diet. A couple of years ago I wasn't happy with my weight so I tried to cut out the bad stuff like crisps and chocolate. I found eating more fruit and drinking a bit more water has really helped with my constipation. I do still get it every so often though
I find my constipation is triggered when I'm stressed. I will often turn up to work and people will say "are you alright?" but that's just how I am. I'm a nervous wreck. It doesn't help either when I haven't been for a while, because I then get stressed out about that. Which makes it even harder to go; it's like a vicious cycle. But I would much rather try and find some information on the internet before going to the doctors about it. I find it embarrassing. Which is silly really if I think about it, because doctors will see constipated patients quite regularly.
IF YOU DO THINK YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM IBS IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOU SEE A DOCTOR. IBS is a fairly common condition and your GP will see cases like yours on a weekly basis, so talk to them for advice if you are showing some of the symptoms mentioned on the website.
Changing your diet or lifestyle may help with constipation so try and find out what works best for you.