Keep in shape to avoid constipation


How to get your bowels moving

You don t have to increase your activity levels much to make a positive difference to your digestive system. This means you don’t have to become a top athlete in order to stimulate your digestive system. However, regular exercise can help, and also has a relaxation effect and can reduce stress levels. Just 30 minutes a day is plenty: simply go for a walk in the fresh air a little more often, try out a new sport that you’re willing and able to stick with or do one or more of the following gymnastic exercises.

Lie on your right side so your body forms a straight line. Stretch your arms above your head and place the backs of your hands against each other. Breathe out in this position and move your left arm and left leg towards each other, until your fingertips touch the leg. Return to the starting position as you breathe in, repeat the exercise several times, and then change sides.
Lie on your stomach, with your forehead resting on your hands so you are looking downwards. As you breathe in, lift one leg, without turning your hips. Lower the leg again as you breathe out. Repeat the exercise several times, changing legs each time.
Lie on your back and pull your closed legs towards your body. Grasp your knees as you do so, with your head staying against the ground. Breathe in slowly in this position, keep your head and upper body flat as you breathe in, and pull your knees towards your chin with the tips of your toes stretched out. Release the tension when you breathe out again. Repeat the exercise several times.