Breast feeding as a cause for constipation


Nutrition and relaxation to avoid stress

After giving birth, a lot changes in your new life as a parent. As a mother you experience this in particular: a new daily routine and looking after the baby require a real talent for organisation. This unfamiliar stress, initial uncertainty, confusion and the resulting exhaustion can put a strain on your digestion. At these times, a fibre-rich diet with lots of fruit and sufficient fluids can be just as helpful as taking a break now and then and letting the father, parents or a friend look after the baby.

If you are taking iron supplements after giving birth, this may cause constipation. In this case, it may be sensible to switch products or discuss stopping taking the supplements entirely with your doctor. You then need to take on the required quantities of iron through your diet – for example nuts and dried fruits. They not only provide the additional energy needed for breastfeeding, they also loosen your bowels – as long as you also drink enough: two to three litres of liquid a day is ideal.
Just like at the beginning of your pregnancy, a change in hormone balance can also put a strain on your digestion after giving birth. Constant care is also a potential catalyst for constipation: If you feel permanently responsible and don’t want to leave your baby alone for even such a short period, you’ll probably either put off going to the toilet or even suppress your need completely. To lower your stress level you should realize that you don’t have to master this situation all alone. Better request some support from your partner or a friend and try to establish some time for yourself. If you are taking painkillers or other medication, find out more about possible side effects for your digestion here. Even when lactating, you can still get your digestion moving with a light laxative, but you should always ask your doctor for advice beforehand.