Relief of constipation is at hand


Relief from painful constipation

If you suffer from abdominal pain this is also a possible sign of constipation – in addition to trapped wind, nausea, infrequent pooing or hard and dry stools. If the pain had a sudden onset or is severe please seek medical help immediately.
If natural household remedies and a healthy lifestyle don’t do the trick, a mild laxative can loosen the constipation and thus remove the cause of pain.
When you experience some sudden sort of discomfort, trying to poo can be very painful. Often, it is only possible to excrete the stools in small amounts and with great effort. Pushing hard and for a long time also pushes a lot of blood to the veins, which can cause tears in the mucus membrane or enlarged piles in that area. Straining to poo can also lead to make constipation even worse.